Wiring Technology

What Is Wiring?

It is a set of control and power cables stretched between individual devices. More and more machines, devices and systems are needed for the efficient operation of enterprises, production plants and residential buildings. Therefore, there is a considerable challenge in ergonomic cable routing, so that no chaos disturbs the use of space. Additionally, for the cables to work properly and in accordance with the parameters declared in the documentation, they should be laid in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Otherwise, they may prevent the entire installation from working properly.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

Thanks to many years of experience acquired in large plants, both Polish and foreign, we know how to conduct wiring in such a way that it allows for the greatest possible space savings and improves work in the future.

Wiring Technology - Our Services

Properly made wiring will allow you to avoid future problems, save money and time, and also easier to reach the sources of potential failures. Our offer includes:

external and internal wiring

horizontal wiring

vertical cabling

assembly of fastening elements and covers

assembly of control cabinets

Industries Served

Energy Industry

We provide services for the energy industry, bearing in mind the specificity of work and employee safety.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Our clients include leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry – we have the knowledge and tools to operate effectively in it.

Refining Industry

We cooperate on large infrastructure projects – such as tunnels – both in Poland and abroad.

High-Tech Industry

We focus on modern and precise devices, control and measurement systems to automate work and improve it at all levels.

Infrastructure Construction

We cooperate on large infrastructure projects – such as tunnels – both in Poland and abroad.

Transport And Logistics

Our offer includes safe and fast transport of machines and production lines, along with their reinstallation at the destination.

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Global supplier of electrical solutions for industry.


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