Relocation Of Machinery And Equipment

Relocation Of Machines And Devices

Changing the company’s seat, production line or warehouse, as well as selling a line of a given technology, is a big logistic challenge. It is not enough to transport them from place to place, but also to provide comprehensive service that protects them from damage and efficient organization of relocation, so that the work stoppage lasts as short as possible.

We Take Up Challenges

Each day of downtime is a waste of money for the company, so we operate efficiently, while maintaining the highest standards. We have experience in the retreat of machines and devices from various industries. We are on time, regardless of the transport distance. We minimize the costs of relocation by selecting means and resources to carry it out as economically as possible.

Services As Part Of The Relocation Of Machinery And Equipment:

disassembly of production lines along with the existing infrastructure in the current installation

preparation of machines for transport, proper securing and loading

safe and efficient unloading

setting machines to new positions

assembly of transferred production lines

de-installation and scrapping of obsolete non-transferable equipment

Industries Served

Energy Industry

We provide services for the energy industry, bearing in mind the specificity of work and employee safety.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Our clients include leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry – we have the knowledge and tools to operate effectively in it.

Refining Industry

We cooperate on large infrastructure projects – such as tunnels – both in Poland and abroad.

High-Tech Industry

We focus on modern and precise devices, control and measurement systems to automate work and improve it at all levels.

Infrastructure Construction

We cooperate on large infrastructure projects – such as tunnels – both in Poland and abroad.

Transport And Logistics

Our offer includes safe and fast transport of machines and production lines, along with their reinstallation at the destination.

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