Installation Of Cable Routes

Cable Routes

The method of installing cable routes in a building is extremely important for several reasons, including safety and ergonomics and efficient use of space. In many buildings it is not easy, mainly due to architectural barriers and the need for aesthetic solutions, which is why we adapt the assembly method to the specificity of a specific place and the plant environment. We take into account air humidity, dust, chemical environment – everything that can affect the operation of devices. We also install non-flammable routes, eg E-30, E-90.

Careful Assembly

We care about the safety of our services. Cable routes cannot cross water or gas lines, and if they run close – they require additional material with increased resistance, separators and partitions. We adjust cable trays to meet the highest safety standards.

What Solutions Do We Use?

As part of our services, we install:

vertical and horizontal cable routes, as well as alternating and crossing cable routes

cable routes with large bends, fixed to walls and ceilings,

cable trays - various types, depending on the installation (e.g. cable weights) and materials (zinc, steel)

cable routes running in industrial, office and public buildings

Industries Served

Energy Industry

We provide services for the energy industry, bearing in mind the specificity of work and employee safety.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Our clients include leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry – we have the knowledge and tools to operate effectively in it.

Refining Industry

We cooperate on large infrastructure projects – such as tunnels – both in Poland and abroad.

High-Tech Industry

We focus on modern and precise devices, control and measurement systems to automate work and improve it at all levels.

Infrastructure Construction

We cooperate on large infrastructure projects – such as tunnels – both in Poland and abroad.

Transport And Logistics

Our offer includes safe and fast transport of machines and production lines, along with their reinstallation at the destination.

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