Installation And Connection Of I&C

Control And Measurement Apparatus And Automation In A Modern Enterprise

It is an apparatus designed to regulate various processes related to the operation of devices. It guarantees precise operation of specific technological processes – parameters that are measured are most often used by PLC controllers. Its use in modern industrial enterprises is more and more frequent, mainly due to savings and improvement of equipment operation. It is used in production and office buildings.

Innovation Is The Key To Success

We are up to date with innovations aimed at improving and optimizing the work of enterprises and manufacturing companies, which is why the services we offer are based on modern technologies.

How Does I&C Work?

Checks the parameters of air handling units (including monitoring air humidity and temperature)

Controls the activities of water treatment and regulating its temperature (including composition measurements)

Monitors failures of safety devices

Reports energy use processes

Using the implemented control algorithms, it optimizes energy consumption - so that it is possible to maintain the optimal operation of devices at the lowest possible cost

Industries Served

Energy Industry

We provide services for the energy industry, bearing in mind the specificity of work and employee safety.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Our clients include leading companies in the pharmaceutical industry – we have the knowledge and tools to operate effectively in it.

Refining Industry

We cooperate on large infrastructure projects – such as tunnels – both in Poland and abroad.

High-Tech Industry

We focus on modern and precise devices, control and measurement systems to automate work and improve it at all levels.

Infrastructure Construction

We cooperate on large infrastructure projects – such as tunnels – both in Poland and abroad.

Transport And Logistics

Our offer includes safe and fast transport of machines and production lines, along with their reinstallation at the destination.

Marpol Elektro

Global supplier of electrical solutions for industry.


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